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Anarchy Fun! – Minecraft Server Tour

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If you are a Minecraft gamer who has played for a long time, you will probably know the Minecraft server 2b2t. (Server IP: 2b2t.org) As you may have already known, 2b2t is one of the most toxic, dangerous, craziest servers in the History of Minecraft. There are people constantly attacking you, using hacks, griefing your stuff, and making your experience in 2b2t as bad as possible.

After I read some of the info about 2b2t, I was tempted to try it. So I installed the 1.12.2 version and hope the queue will not be that long – But sadly no:

Well… speechless.

So I find some of the 2b2t alternatives like 9b9t and 0b0t. They have nearly no queues and it is very friendly for impatient players like me!

I have made several Youtube videos about this two anarchy servers. What I want to tell you is IT IS SO FUN! However I am a little bit sad that it is so easy to escape spawn 🙂

Hope you enjoy this blog post and the videos! I am begging for subscribers too

Thanks! After I master these anarchy servers, I may also make a guide about it too. Bye!

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