Bow Spleef in Hypixel!

Bow Spleef – Minecraft PvP Games

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Welcome to my first Minecraft PvP games blog post! Here I am going to talk about one of my favourite PvP games, Bow Spleef! Fun Guaranteed for all TNT lovers!

What is Bow Spleef?

Bow Spleef in Hypixel!

Bow Spleef is a PvP minigame. The ground is covered with TNTs, which you have to shot flaming arrows to destroy the TNTs and lure your opponents to fall into the void!

Does this sound fun? Read on to find where you can play this amazing minigame!

Where can you play Bow Spleef?

Mainly there are two servers you can play this PvP game: Hypixel and Cubecraft.

Hypixel –

Two types of bow spleef you can play in Hypixel: Normal Bow Spleef and Bow Spleef Duels.

You can play Normal Bow Spleef by going into Hypixel’s “TNT Games” server, you get to play with a maximum of 23 players (24 including you)! No power-ups in this game mode.

If it is Bow Spleef Duels, you only get to play with one player. You can play Bow Spleef Duels by going into Hypixel’s “Duels” server, and click the TNT Games avatar, then the server will randomly select a player to fight with you. It will be a very unique 1v1 experience! In this game mode, you are equipped with 3 power-ups, “Double Jump”, “Triple Shot”, “Repulsor”. These power-ups are very useful! You can also invite your friends or even a stranger to play with you too!

Cubecraft –

Connect to Cubecraft’s server, then choose the game “Minerware” by clicking an avatar. In the “boss game” section in the Minerware game, there is a 50% chance you get to play bow spleef with other players. Winner gets 3 points, 1st runner-up gets 2 points, 2nd runner-up gets 1 point. The gameplay is similar to Hypixel’s, but there is a time limit of ~200 seconds. No power-ups too!

Try these Bow Spleef games and make sure to share your experiences with me! Here is one of my victorious lousy attempt at playing Bow Spleef Duels in Hypixel.

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