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First Day Survival Q&A – A Beginner’s Guide on Minecraft

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There are already so many, so many guides on the subject of “First Day Survival” on the Internet! So, it seems to be useless for me to write another anymore. However, I find that most of the “First Day Survival” sometimes seems to be kind of hurried and uninformative, so I am going to write a quick Q&A here so you can master on how to survive this important day!

Q&A Section

You are welcome to ask any questions on surviving the first day of Minecraft in the comment section below.

All guides seem to advise newbies to collect woods, why?

Woods are very, very important in Minecraft. Without wood, you are unable to create tools!

Tools require sticks to be crafted. Sticks can only be obtained by crafting wood into wooden planks, then sticks.

Without tools, you are unable to collect all kind of stones and ores. So how can you upgrade your armor and weapons if you can’t do that?

Without tools, you are unable to create swords, how can you attack your enemies. Using your bare hand? You need like 20 hits to kill a zombie if you use your hand!

Without wooden planks from wood, you are unable to create shields which you can protect yourself from mob attacks!

And woods can be crafted into wooden floors, fences, planks. These blocks can nicely flourish your house. Without it, your house will be very ugly!

I can’t find any coal and I can’t craft torches. Any alternatives?

You can burn wood in a furnace to obtain charcoal. Put wood into both boxes, the item box and also the fuel box. The furnace will start working after this. Collect charcoal from the right-hand side box, and use the same crafting recipe to craft torches!

Charcoal works just the same as coals!

I don’t see trees anywhere. What should I do?

Well, you are quite unlucky. Start Walking (Don’t sprint! It depletes your hunger bar)! Wander everywhere till you can find trees.

If you are still stuck in a no-tree zone (like desert)after wandering for ~3 minutes, then I suggest you trash the current world and start a new one…

If you don’t want to give up that fast. Start collecting resources like sand or kill animals for food. If you are stuck in an icy area, beware of polar bears. They are not that cute as you think and they will attack you if you hit them!

My biggest advice: Find 3 same coloured sheep and kill them!!!

Then you can obtain 3 wools, combining with 3 wood planks, you can craft a bed! A bed is essential for beginners who don’t want to fight monsters at night.

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  1. Want a Wither Storm in your world?
    Do the same wither but a command block in the middle of all the blocks(remove one soul sand.).
    Plus your Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. button does not work.

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