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How to Fight Ravagers – Minecraft Guide

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So… you started a raid. Everything was still fine until you see this mob roaming around, nonchalantly destroying farmlands and scaring off villagers. And then he moved his attention to you…

Oh no! This is a ravager! Maybe you have heard rumours about them. They are so strong and horrible, right? So here I am going to write a strategy guide to help you fight and kill them!

Some Ravager Statistics

Extremely high HP: 100 (50 hearts)

High Attack Strength: 7 – Easy, 12 – Medium, 18 – Hard / Ravager roaring – 6

Has a relatively low moving speed

Have knockback resistance – Reduce half of the knockback dealt to them

These sound totally horrible. This ravager has nearly the same strength as the village’s iron golem! What should you do to kill this terrible menace? The first secret is arrows!

Method 1

Shoot it at a safe distance (around 15-20 blocks away), ~15 arrows are enough to kill a ravager, easy peasy.

I don’t recommend you to use a crossbow to fight it, because of its high reload time. ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A POOR AIM!

There is a big disadvantage if you use this method, it will waste you a lot of arrows. So is there any other method to fight ravagers? Yes, there is! Check below.

Method 2

A Shield can well-protect you from a ravager attack. However, this method is for players who react fast! Follow this step:

  1. If there is any mob riding the ravagers, kill it first. You don’t want any annoying pillagers to interfere with you, right?
  2. Kill all the other mobs of the raid first, then you will not be distracted by other raid mobs.
  3. Face the ravager
  4. Hold up your shield
  5. Then hit it again and again!
  6. If it successfully rams at you in the progress, your shield will deflect all the damage!
  7. [THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP] Does the ravager stops moving and attacking? Flee! He is going to let go of a roar after he gets stunned by your shield! 
  8. Repeat step 3-7 till it’s dead

Method 3 (When iron golem is available)

It is simple, use a rope to leash an iron golem. (It can be a village-generated one or a player-made one) Lead the iron golem to the ravagers and the iron golem will do the job for you!

Stop! You have to help the iron golem to fight the ravagers if you want this fighting method to be effective. If you don’t help the iron golem fight it, it will hurt the golem very badly. Make good use of your shield when fighting it!

Luckily iron golems are stronger than ravagers, due to its ability to throw mobs up. How can it hurts the golem if he was being thrown up again and again?

Iron golem throws ravager up


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