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A few days ago, I have told you I have bought Minecraft Java Edition in the Announcement section. How can I pay for it? With my blogging income. Getting the chance to pay Java is like a dream come true because it is always considered as the most updated and oldest version of Minecraft! Nearly every Minecraft verteans (I have been playing Minecraft for 6 years) have a Java account and I feel embarrassed not having one!

How can I get the funds to buy it? By my blogging income! As you see, I have put several ads on my website. This gives me an attractive monthly earnings and the ad revenue eventually becomes my primary pocket money source!

Does this mean I am going to stop playing Minecraft Bedrock Edition from now on? No! Bedrock still have its own advantage. I can play it when waiting the bus, or maybe before exam… LOL

Again, thanks for all you guys for helping me to fund my Minecraft Java Edition account! I will make more Minecraft posts and never forget you all!

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