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A Beginner’s Guide on Fighting Common Mobs in Minecraft

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Just jump out from your comfort zone and start to play survival mode (Easy, Normal, or even Hard) and you have no idea on how to fight mobs properly?

Here is my second guide for Minecraft beginners! I will include strategies to fight off common hostile mobs, and will also provide some basic mob stats for your reference. After reading this, you will be able to fight zombies, skeletons, spiders, creepers, endermans and witches with ease. Let’s get started!

Most of these dangerous mobs are either neutral mobs or hostile mobs. So I will introduce you the concept of neutral and hostile mobs first.

What are Neutral Mobs?

Neutral Mobs are mobs which would not come and hurt you unless you provoke them, like hitting them.

Examples: Spider, Enderman

What are Hostile Mobs?

Hostile Mobs are mobs that will fight and hurt you without provoking them. They will start chasing and attacking you once you are near them. They are dangerous and sometimes unavoidable. Keep a distance between them if you don’t want to fight!

Examples: Zombie, Skeleton, Creeper, Witch

Common Overworld Hostile Mobs

You may complain this guide does not include mobs like pillagers and slimes. Very sorry about that! But there are many types of hostile mobs in the overworld, it is impossible to discuss all of them in just one post!

I will only discuss zombies, skeletons, spiders, creepers, endermans and witches here because they are the most common mobs in the Overworld! Also, they will spawn anywhere and don’t have any specific spawn conditions (except light level), so it makes it very hard for you to avoid them. You have to fight them bravely!

More info on dangerous mobs first…

Most dangerous mobs like zombies and enderman only spawn when it is dark. It means they will only spawn at night or at poorly-lit caves, so you don’t have to worry about monsters spawning at daytime!

Undead mobs like zombies and skeletons will burn under sunlight, this means they will be all dead after the sun is up again. Creepers, endermans, witches will mysteriously despawn after the sun is up too.

What does these imply? Sleep!

Mobs Fighting Guide


zombie + zombie villager

Hah! This is the easiest mob in the overworld. Everybody can manage to kill it too, this also applies to inexperienced players.

Startegy to fight zombies

The strategy to kill a zombie is very simple, use a sword/axe to hit it, hit it several times till it is dead.

Sometimes I think it is not worth to waste my diamond sword on this rubbish mob, so I kill it with my hand. It works! (Although this may drain your hunger bar)

I have a strong remainder to beginners: Beware of burning zombies! Zombies catch fire when 1) they are exposed to sunlight 2) or you intentionally burn them. When they hit you while being burnt by fire, there is a slim chance (Huge chance when you are playing hard mode) they will bring fire to you, making you catch fire too. This is no laughing matter. Fire will drain your health quite fast, (1 health per second without armour and Fire Protection) so please take extra precaution and attention on burning zombies!

Baby Zombie

Baby Zombies are zombies which are smaller than the normal adult zombies. Baby zombies are faster than the adults, too. All this makes them more dangerous and demanding, so how to fight them?

You can just use the same strategies – Hit & Dodge, but you need to react much faster.

5% of all zombies are baby zombies.

Zombie Villager

zombie villager minecraft

Zombie villagers are similar to normal adult zombies, it is just their appearence which differs. Don’t be scared!

Zombie is the most common mob in the Overworld

As zombies spawned in groups of 2-4 and it has a high spawn weight (100/295), zombies are very, very common. Roughly every 2.5 monsters, 1 of them is a zombie.

This is a blessing! Zombies are easy to fight, if mobs like creepers and endermans have the spawn rate of zombies, I am sure everybody will die when playing survival mode!


Skeleton minecraft

Skeletons are a little bit annoying, but it is not necessarily a hard mob. Let me show you the strategies on how to fight them.

Strategies to fight Skeletons

1-3 skeleton(s):

  1. Hold up your shield, make sure you are directly facing the skeleton(s)
  2. When it/they shoot(s) you, your shield will deflect the arrow and there is a great chance it will hit the skeleton.
  3. It depends: (Do this for no more than 0.5 second)
    1. Far away from the skeleton(s): Hold down your shield and sprint to the skeleton(s)
    2. You are close to the skeleton(s): Hit it with a sword/axe
  4. Repeat Step 1-3 till all the skeletons are dead

I admit the procedures seem to be kind of complicated, I will make a video about this when I have time.

>4 skeletons:

  1. Run!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Run till they can’t find you, hopefully…

It is rare to fight more than 4 skeletons at the same time. Each skeleton spawn attempt will only produce 1-2 skeletons.

Well, if you have enough equipment and health, you may go and fight them if you like it. But I will not recommend any beginners to take this serious challenge.

If you can’t get away from them successfully, I will recommend you to burn them! This may buy you some time. Hopefully.

Skeleton is also abundant in the Overworld – But not as much as zombies

Skeleton spawn in groups of 1-2. Roughly every 3.5 dangerous mobs, 1 of them is skeleton.

Both zombie and skeleton inflict only a little bit of damage when they hit you – About 2/3/4 in Easy/Medium/Hard mode. So don’t freak out when you get hit by a zombie!


I am not going to waste time on spiders, use the same strategy on zombies and you are all set.

Spiders are easy to fight in easy and normal mode, that’s because they have relatively low health (14) compared to other mobs.

Spider is neutral when the light level is >11. (Under sunlight 15) It means you don’t have to worry about a spider attacking you at daytime!

Hard Mode Spider

Oh, hi! You are playing the hard mode, isn’t it? You are crazy, don’t do that if you still haven’t mastered the basics yet.

I am not going to give tips on how to fight hardcore spiders because I totally don’t recommend newbies to play the Hard Difficulty!

Okay, if you insist – Some spiders will get status effect like invisibility and increased speed in Hard Difficulty. Spooky, eh?

Spiders are uncommon

Spiders do not spawn in groups too.


creeper minecraft

Maybe you have heard how notorious creepers are. They blow up stuff, hurt you like hell, dismantle your buildings too.

Yeah, I admit creepers are quite annoying, and deal a whole lot damage if you are unprepared to them.

Creeper’s Attack Strength is astonishing

When creeper explodes, it has an explosion power of 4, just 1 below TNT! It means creeper is very powerful and destructive.

No matter what difficulty (except Peaceful!!!) you are playing, there is a tendency it will kill you. A creeper can deal a maximum ~20 damage to you if you are playing Easy mode, this amount of damage is enough to drain all of your health easily. Not to mention a creeper can deal a maximum ~70 damage when you are playing hard mode!

Never fear! Actually, creepers can’t deal you that much damage. Normally only about 1/3 of the maximum damage will be inflicted to you because the surrounding blocks will absorb the power, and also because creepers will keep a distance between you when they explode – the explosion power will get weakened by this.

But a creeper is still deadly. What should you do to deal with this menace?

Strategies to fight Creepers – Melee & Ranged


If you don’t have a bow and a couple of arrows, try this:

  1. Sprint to the creeper
  2. Hit it once (highly recommended to use swords)
  3. Walk backwards immediately – THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP!
  4. Repeat Step 1-3 till it’s dead

Ranged (Recommended)

It is easy, shot them repeatedly in a safe distance till all creepers are dead.

It is much safer if you use this ranged strategy. You won’t get blown up because the creeper is far from you!

However, you need to have a good aim. It isn’t hard for anyone to have a good aim, you just have to practice a bit!

”Give up”

If you don’t want to fight creepers, you probably have to flee. However, creepers run quite fast and have a similar speed to a walking player. If you fail to run away from them, you may use a flint and steel to spread fire. Creepers may get caught by it and the fire may slowly drain their health till it dies.

Creepers are quite common

Roughly every 6 mobs spawned, 1 of them will be creeper. Luckily creepers won’t spawn as groups like zombies and skeletons do.


enderman minecraft

It is the hardest mob in the Overworld. When you see his eyes, you are in deep trouble.

Enderman’s Strength

Their biggest immortal strength is teleportation. How can you kill them if they keep teleporting? They are also immune to unenchanted arrows and most enchanted arrows.

Oh, this is nuts! What should you do?

I don’t want to fight! Can I avoid them?

Of course you can. I admit enderman is a little bit tricky to new players.

A noticeable feature of enderman is it is a natural mob. He will only attack you when you 1) look at his eyes 2) hit him.

It is easy to avoid hitting him, just don’t left-clicking your mouse then you will not accidentally hit anything. Nevertheless, it is quite difficult to avoid looking at his eyes. Is that mean you have to start staring at the ground or the night sky? NO! This will bring you more trouble, other mobs can easuly surprise attack you if you do that! Rather you can choose wearing a pumpkin to prevent endermans from noticing you.

Strategies to fight endermans

Thank goodness they have a weakness, they will hurt when they touch water. So let’s exploit their weakness!!!

If there is a water source nearby:

  1. Run to a water source as fast as possible. It can be rivers, sea and ponds, etc.
  2. The enderman will still try to attack you, but it will hurt itself when it is in water, look around to locate it and prepare your best sword.
  3. Hit it when it comes!
  4. They will teleport away when you hit it and come back after a few moments. Repeat step 2-3 till all endermans are dead.

If there is NO water source nearby, Release everything from a filled water bucket and swim on them. I hope you have a water bucket in your inventory. (It is recommended for every Minecraft players to store a water bucket, in case you fall, caught with lava or fight enderman). When the enderman chases you, it will hurt! Hit it with a sword for a few times till it’s dead.

If you forget to bring a water bucket and there is no water source nearby:

  1. Dig a tunnel and escape. Coward!
  2. Build a shelter which is two blocks tall. enderman is around 2.5 blocks tall so he can’t come in. You can hit him or maybe even able to kill him while you are inside the shelter. I haven’t try this strategy, but many Minecrafters recommend it. Maybe this startegy works even better than mine.

Enderman is relatively rare in Overworld

Enderman is relatively rare in the Overworld and also the Nether, but crazily common in the End. Every 1000 monsters spawned in the overworld, only about 30 of them are enderman!

What about enderman in Nether? No water to flush him = death? Check this out: https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/377492/whats-the-best-way-to-fight-enderman-in-nether, or you can check the no-water strategy above.


witch minecraft

Witch is tricky, they can throw potions and drink it too. Should be kinda hard for a newbie.

My biggest advice is: Never approach a witch and hit her with a sword. Why?

When you go near her, she will throw you deadly splash potions!

A Witch’s Attack & Defense

A witch can throw these kind of splash potions:

  • Splash Potion of Weakness – It reduces your attack strength for ~4 damage
  • Splash Potion of Slowness – It slows you down for about 20%
  • Splash Potion of Harming – It reduces your health for 6 (3 hearts), neglecting all armor points.
  • Splash Potion of Poison – You will be affected by a poison effect, your health will slowly drain and you will lose an average 10 (5 hearts) in total, varies with the accuracy of the witch.

You can see, witch is totally deadly. When you run into them, they can throw a slowness potion to make you unable to escape, or they can throw a weakness potion to make your sword useless. A poison effect can totally ruin you if you have no milk. While the potion of harming can neglect all armor you equipped, no matter how good your armors are, you will get hit 100% and lose 6 health.

Witch can also defend herself by drinking potions.

For example, she will drink a Potion of Healing to heal herself when you hurt them. If she is on fire then she will drink a Potion of Fire Resistance, etc. It concludes, witch is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!

Do these information shakes you up? Never fear, witch has a weakness, a very big weakness indeed.

Witch is very bad at long-distance fights!

Strategy to fight a witch

This means you have to avoid a melee attack on this particular mobs. I recommend you to shot her with unenchanted arrows. (Enchanted arrows are useless because witch can drink potions to cancel out the effect.) Shoot her continuously in a safe distance (10+ blocks away) so she can’t touch you. Don’t stall, rather shoot her with all your might – If you wait she will heal herself with healing potions.

Witches are extremely rare in the Overworld

Normally, every 1000 monsters spawned in the Overworld, only 15 of them are witches. You may think, “This post is all about common mobs, why should I discuss witches here?”. The reason is simple. Witch is very dangerous if you don’t know how to fight them – A few splash potions are enough to finish you up, so I think it is essential for a player to prepare for them.


This is just the beginning of your Minecraft-gaming adventure. You will meet a lot more kinds of mobs when you play on. Happy playing and keep it on!

If you have some questions on how to fight dangerous mobs, feel free to ask them by leaving a comment below!

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