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Percy Jackson and The Olympians Series – Book Review

Percy Jackson and The Olympians

Welcome to my another book review. This time I am going to review on a pentalogy book series, called Percy Jackson and The Olympians!

Basic Info on the Book Series

Special Features

Why do I recommend this book? Because of these special, abnormal, crazy features!

Series Summary (No spoiler)

Percy Jackson’s life before his sixth grade is very miserable. He constantly gets kicked out from school, always having to narrow escape from being killed by monsters, he also had to put up with his disrespectful, abusive stepfather. Then, he found out he is a half-blood (Half God, half mortals), a demigod by the help of his weird friend Grover. He attends some sort of summer camp called “Camp Half-Blood”, a place for demigods to train themselves to learn to fight monsters. A dangerous Titan Lord called Kronos is rising, threatening the whole Olympians. To prevent this, he has to go through a lot of dangerous quests. Will he succeed in all of his quests?

My Rating and Opinion

Rating: 8/10


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