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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate/referral links. Sorry I am desperate for money!

[This post is for WordPress webmasters] Images are essential components in every successful website. However, most images’ size is quite huge (1-2MB) and this heavily affects your site’s speed. So what should you do?

Here, let me introduce you a WordPress Image Compression Plugin called ShortPixel.

What is ShortPixel?

ShortPixel is a WordPress plugin which compresses your website’s images, the size of the images in your site’s pages will become smaller and your visitor’s device doesn’t need to process that many data and your page will be loaded faster.

Why should you use ShortPixel?

My blog uses ShortPixel too! For why? It make my blog load faster! Website loading time is crucial in SEO. Google hates sites that load forever and they opt not to rank them in a high position.

It is not only for SEO. Page Speed is also important because people nowadays hate slow sites very much. They put off from visiting these slow sites. Everybody has a tight schedule – we are never wasting time to wait for a website loading.

How effective ShortPixel is?

I have done a test by sending one of my website Minecraft image to ShortPixel, let’s see:

shortpixel image test

200KB to 60.7KB! As you know, an image that has a size lower than 100KB tends to be in poor resolution. But let’s see the result:

What do you think? It is not that poor, ah?

If you don’t trust me, go to ShortPixel’s online compressor and find it yourself!

Download and Using Guide

In order to use ShortPixel, you have to register a ShortPixel account first. Get your personal API key and start optimizing!

Shortpixel’s free account comes with an allowance of 100 credits/month. If you use my referral link, you will get another 100!

Then, install the plugin ZIP package into your website. Activate the plugin and follow the popup instruction. Make sure to choose your preferred compression style: Lossy, Glossy, Lossless. I would say Lossy is the best for maximum optimization.

Credit System

Shortpixel’s free account comes with 100 credits/month. You can buy more credits by a price range of $4.99 to $69.99. For example, a $ 4.99 credit pack comes with 7500 credits.

One credit equals to:

Good Luck, and start optimizing!

Activate your API key, you need to register an account first:

Download the ShortPixel plugin:

Furthermore, there is another plugin which also supports ShortPixel, this plugin is especially for WordPress webmasters who hate setting things up, it is called Autoptimize. Everything is ready once you set the API key:

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