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Kingdom Adventurers – Game Review

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I am going to share a game that I have played for years. Frankly speaking, sometimes I think Kingdom Adventurers is even better than the eternal game god Minecraft!

Yes, do NOT a popular game! Rated No.196 in the apple games chart. But this doesn’t mean this game is rubbish.

Game Introduction

A long time ago, the “Old King” abandoned his kingdom and leave a barren land behind. You have the responsibility to rebuild the kingdom, make the kingdom prosperous again.

kingdom adventurers jobs

You will get the chance to recruit “allies”, which you can deploy them to build various building, fight off monsters, dispel fogs and manage shops, etc. Keep the whole kingdom safe, and compete with other kingdom and strive for the best!

My Rating and Comment

Rating: 8.5/10


First of all, this is the best game to kill time. Feeling bored? Nothing to do? Play it.

You will see I give a very high rating to this game. Why? This is because the game is so fun. The game has many features. Unlike other games in the App Store and Google Play, this game allows both town management and fighting, which proves to be a lot of fun to me. I like fighting games, and I also like managing a town (building shops, attracting visitors…). This game gives me both! The whole game is actually very complicated. You will occasionally find some new features that will surprise you!

Kingdom Adventurers is a medium-paced game. I assume you will be able to reach the maximum town rank 99 in one of your towns in a few months and fighting the final fight (endgame, lvl 9999 area) in about a year time if you play it for about 2-3 hours every day. Experts can do even faster than that!

Kingdom Adventurers Buildings

Even though it is categorised as an RPG game, the game doesn’t really assemble it. You have high autonomy in deciding what to do in the game. No restriction on building and fighting, you can do whatever you like!

The game is also free too. Oh sorry, most of the games today are free! Kingdom Adventurers is one of the free games Kairosoft released.


Besides the compliments, I also have a few complaints on the game. The complex game rules and functionality I have mentioned before is actually also a menace to some players. You have to give quite a lot of time to learn the rules and the strategies to understand what the game is going on.

The shops are quite rubbish, too. It doesn’t worth to invest your money in the game shop to buy those expensive gems.

Sadly, Kingdom Adventurers is only available in English, Japanese, Chinese(Both traditional and simplified). Luckily you can upload your own language pack.


This part is for people who want to try out the game.

Spoiler alert! Skip this part if you want to work out the strategies yourself.

Here is some starter’s strategies I have searched in the Internet:

You are also advised to look at the game’s manual – the How to play guide. The manual is also available in the game’s menu screen.

Some personal advice:

  • The resource that you will face the more shortage is wood, make sure to create more plantation and deploy your allies to the trees and wood branches.
  • Don’t waste your gems. Resist the temptation to use it! Store it and you will find them useful in later stages.

Download it in:

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