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Florr.io Local Version Script – Single Player florr

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Here you can download the script of the local version of florr.io:

florr.io local discord
Credit to this discord user, M28, who sends out the script.

Extract the zip files, then use a computer to run “client.exe”. Done!

The familiar florr.io home page will pop up and you can start playing florr.io without other players disturbing you! You will also experience less lags too!

This script is not the most update version of the game! This florr.io local does not have rice, corn, These kind of new petals.

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11 thoughts on “Florr.io Local Version Script – Single Player florr”

      1. I have copied the file to Google Drive – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IcI9ijvWLPBldkTKAuvordbgiSIkBisn/view?usp=sharing
        Check if it works😀
        If no, then I am very sorry… Chrome has a very huge restriction on uncertified exe and dll files. The Chrome browser really enjoys blocking users’ download file… It sometimes happens to me too. Well, you can try using Firebox or Safari. Maybe you can download the zip file with these two browsers!

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    1. Can you be more specific? Do you see any error messages popping up when you are trying to download the game? Thanks

      1. This means your browser thinks the zip file is dangerous and contains virus.

        Which browser is you using?

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