Tennis Clash – Game Review

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No more sports because of covid? And you really miss playing sports with your friends? How about virtual sports???


Tennis Clash is a mobile game. You can download Tennis Clash for free in App Store, Google Play, etc.

In Tennis Clash, you get the chance to play virtual tennis with real players around the world. You have to win matches to get “trophies”, which you need them to move up your tier level. You will also win a lot of useful bags and coins. By unlocking the bags, you can get cards. Coins can be used to upgrade your cards. Having better cards = Higher chance to win a match.

If you connect your Facebook to the game, you can play “friendly matches” with your friends. Furthermore, there are many fun events and tournaments you can participate in Tennis Clash, too!

By looking at the images closely, you will find out this game has a similar mechanics and design as Clash Royale. Clash Royale has locked chests, Tennis Clash has locked bags; Clash Royale have events and tournaments, Tennis Clash have too; Clash Royale and Tennis Clash both have a very similar (almost identical) scoring system, they both use trophies to record your score!

My opinion on this game?

My rating: 6.5/10

First, you can download Tennis Clash for free! You can get to play matches with your friends, which I like a lot. It is also a good game to play if you want to spend your free time.

The best thing in this game is: You don’t have to be a virtual tennis pro in order to win in Tennis Clash. You just have to swipe the screen (This action hits the ball) and do some minor positioning on where your avatar stands, that’s all. You just have to learn how to hit the ball smartly. After you learn this, you are all set on winning a match in Tennis Clash.

There is a massive downside, though. It lures you into paying real money to buy better gears and cards. If you don’t pay, your winning chance is very low, and you will have a hard time winning trophies. It may stress you out.

Have a look of my experience on playing this game below.

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