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EasyWP – The Best WordPress Hosting Service!

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Official promotional video for EasyWP hosting service

Do you want to try for a self-hosted WordPress site with almost NO restriction and also easy to set up?

Try EasyWP! It is cheap and you can build your WordPress site without any downloads and installation process, which is very convenient for people who starts their WordPress site without any experience. You can easily manage your site in EasyWP by its powerful dashboard, having SFTP and database access when your website is down, toggling between maintenance mode. You can also get a temporary domain if you have not decide your website domain name.




If you want to try EasyWP, you only need to pay 1 dollar to try EasyWP for the first month. (Free if you sign up with my referral link)

Starter Plans comes for about 3.88 per month and there are more advanced plans, you can get a discount if you bill the plans yearly: (Sometimes it will be cheaper in holiday season)

I have asked the staff in Namecheap (EasyWP provider) for the real amount of RAM and CPU you get, check it out:

You may be worried that EasyWP has a low uptime. No worries! In the past 6 months (May to November 2020), I only experienced a total of 56 minutes downtime within this period.

EasyWP is very suitable for WordPress starter, use my referral link and get a month free!

Disclaimer: I mean it, you don’t have to pay for anything for a month, but you have to create a Namecheap account in order to get this offer.

—> Try EasyWP and get 1 month FREE! (Using my referral link)

My blog is also hosted by EasyWP too! Try to host your website on WordPress!

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