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Here’s why Smoke Grenades are rubbish – Guide

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Well, you think smoke grenades can distract your enemies, create a safe hiding space, right?

No! My opinion is: Smoke Grenades are totally useless! They don’t help you fight and it will also lower your winning chance, too.

Here’s why:

1. Smoke Grenades won’t hurt your enemies

Yes, yes. Of course you know about this! So this easily concludes smoke grenades are useless on damaging your enemies. Haha.

2. Smoke Grenades reduce your visibility to other players

When you get into the “smoke”, it will reduce your visibility to your default scope (1x). Then, it becomes hard to see players far from you. Most players have a 2x or better scope equiped and they can see you are in the smoking area, so it puts you into a disadvantage position because they can see you, but you can’t see them.

3. Smoke attracts attention

Smoke attracts a lot of attention. Most players think smoke indicates there are players in it or there are players nearby. Based on my experience, when players see smoke, they will start spamming grenades at the smoking area. If you are in the smoking area and you don’t get away fast enough, you may get killed by the grenades. If you want a silent place to heal, hiding under smoke is not a good choice.

4. Smoke creates distraction – It distracts you too.

I agree smoke will distract your enemies, and they will have a hard time to locate you. But… smoke will also distract you, and you will have a hard time to locate your enemies too. One time when I am in a hydra bunker:

Hydra bunker

This image is obtained from wiki.

This is a hydra bunker, in case you don’t know what a hydra bunker is.

Back to my experience, I entered the research room, and I found that a fight was going on in the room. I threw a lot of smoke grenades first to distract my enemies, making the whole room filled with smoke. But it ended up distracting me too. I got some kills, but I was killed too, because I can’t see where the wall of the bunker is and I shot the wall and the shot reflects and hit me!

It doesn’t seem to be a good idea to use smoke to distract your enemies, ah?

This is entirely my opinion. Hope you love this post!

Edit (20/12/2020): I have asked people in reddit on how to use smoke grenades smartly. Well, thanks for you redditors for giving me a lot of good idea, even I still think smoke grenades are not as good as the MIRVs and the Frags. This is the answer I like the most:

reddit smoke

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