My way to fight Minecraft monsters (3) – Fire

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Short in weapons? Dealing with a huge amount of mobs? This is the place for you! Burning hostile mobs are very easy, just follow my guide here!

This looks like a Q&A section, lol.

When do you need to use fire when fighting monsters?

  1. When your weapons break – you don’t have time to escape from the monsters and you need something to deal with them.
  2. Facing a large hordes of monsters – When you are fighting a large amount of zombies or skeletons, it is time-wasting and dangerous to use swords or axes to fight them off. Especially when you are fighting zombie sieges.

Best weapon to light a fire – Flint and Steel

Yes! This is always the best weapon to light your enemies up! Your enemies will slowly lose health and if you are lucky, they will die too. It has a good durability – 64, which means it can be used for 64 times. It is resource-friendly too. You need 1 iron ingot and 1 flint to craft a flint and steel. Iron ingot can be easily obtained from mining (remember to smelt them first) and flint can be obtained by breaking gravel using shovel.

You can also use lava to burn monsters, too. It will deal a much higher damage than flint and steel does.

Well, how many damage will a fire inflict to a mob?

My experience tells me on average it will inflict a total damage of 4 (2 hearts) to the mob. Sometimes it will be higher, or maybe lower. It depends on how long the mob stay in the fire.

Don’t use fire on these mobs…

  • Most nether mobs are immune to fire

You can burn them, but be careful…

  • Witches – They can drink fire resistance potion, they will become immune to fire after they drink the potion. Burning them will also anger them.
  • Creepers – Be careful, they will explode when they touch fire. I will explain more in the next section.
  • Zombies – If they hit you while burning, they may set you on fire! Be careful.

Burning Creepers

Yes, they will explode when you “use” fire on them. It sounds dangerous. Actually, you can make use of that. When you are being chased by mobs and you can’t fight them, you can try to attract a creeper and burn it. When the creeper explodes, it will also hurt the mobs, too. 🙂

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One thought on “My way to fight Minecraft monsters (3) – Fire”

  1. I have tried it is useless just use water to “flush” them away
    especially zombies it will bring the fire to you

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