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Villager Trading Tips

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Here I am going to share some of my villager trading tips and strategies, have a look:

  1. Trade sticks with fletchers. It is the best trade in villager trading and it is the easiest way to get emeralds from villagers. You can get sticks easily by chopping up trees, while one wood worths 8 sticks (1 wood -> 4 wood planks -> 8 sticks). Every 32 sticks you trade to him, you will get one emerald.
  2. Avoid trading an item with a villager to their last slot, it will increase the price of that item. Wait until it works at their job station so they can research their trades.
  3. Other good trades other than fletchers: Trade compass to cartographer (compasses are cheap to make) and trade wheat/carrots/beetroots to farmers (can be obtained from village farms). Trade unwanted raw animal meats to butcher (Kill animals). Trade clay to stone mason. (Get clay from lakes and ponds). These kind of items are easy to get. This can help you to get emeralds easily.
  4. Don’t do anything that affects your reputation like attacking and killing villagers, this may result in higher prices.
  5. If you get the “Hero of the Village” effect by defeating raids, you will get a discount when trading with villagers. Make the most out of this effect! The effect will disappear after a few days. 90 minutes precisely.
  6. Destroy the work stations and rebuild another one to change the villager job when you think that villager job is unfavourable to you. (This technique can only be used on villager that wasn’t traded with). It will not affect your popularity.
  7. Make the villagers breed, so you can trade with more villagers! Build more beds and give villager your food (bread, potato, beetroot, carrot) to make your villager breed! (Refer to the photo below for the breeding process.)
  8. Kill nitwits. They are useless because they occupy a bed and have no trades. I don’t mean to kill them personally by your sword (You will get attacked by iron golem if you do that), try to lure them to lava and fire OR lure them to zombies, it is easy to do that because they sleep late.
Villager – Breeding process

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Last Update: 18/12/2020

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