My way to fight Minecraft monsters (2) – Illager mobs

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The direct opposite of the lovely villagers are: Illager.

What are illagers?

So what are illagers first? Illagers are the general name of all pillagers, evokers, vindicators, illusioners.

Trivia: It is an abbreviation of “ill-willing villagers”!

They have a common feature, they all attack villagers.

So, you know what illagers are now? I am going to tell you the way I deal with these illagers, now.


The easiest mob among all illagers, but it doesn’t mean it is easy to fight.

They have a similar mechanics as the skeletons, so I use the same method to fight them.

Facing patrols/ raids:

  1. Hold up your shield, make sure you are directly facing the pillagers
  2. When they shoot you, your shield will deflect the arrow and there is a great chance it will hit them. 
  3. It depends: (Do this for no more than 1 second)
    1. Far away from the pillagers: Hold down your shield and sprint to the pillagers. Note: Actually, there’s no need to do that, they are so fast and they will run into you.
    2. You are close to the pillagers: Hit it with a sword
  4. Repeat Step 1-3 till all the pillagers are dead

It is pointless to run away when you see them, because they have a totally amazing detection distance. They are very fast too.

The procedures seem to be kind of complicated, I will make a video about this when I have time. 🙂


Sorry! This is not really an illager mob. But I think it is worth mention here because it is part of the raid mobs.

They have a very high health points. (100, 50 hearts from Minecraft wiki) They have an amazing knockback and a strong attack strength too.

(I am gonna start to use “it” to describe the way I fight ravagers, because of the fact that fighting two or more ravagers in the same time is relatively low.)

So how can I deal with this big fatty ravager? The secret is: arrows!

Method 1

I will shoot it in a safe distance, ~15 arrows are enough to kill a ravager. While avoiding to shoot other raid mobs.

I don’t recommend you to use crossbow to fight it, because of its high reload time.

There is a big disadvantage if you use this method, it will waste you a lot of arrows, so is there any other method to fight ravagers? Yes, there is!

A Shield can well-protect you from ravager attack (but it can’t protect you from knockbacks, that’s better than nothing!). Follow this step:

Method 2 (When you are out of arrows)

  1. If there is any mob riding the ravagers, kill it first.
  2. Kill all the other mobs of the raid first, then you will not be distracted by other raid mobs
  3. Sprint to the back of the ravager
  4. Hit it once
  5. Hold up your shield
  6. Block its attack
  7. RUN!!!!
  8. Repeat step 3-7 till it’s dead

Well, it seem likes to be a bad method to kill it, and it wastes a lot of time too.

Method 3 (When iron golem is available)

It is simple, use a rope to leash an iron golem. (It can be a village-generated one or a player-made one) Lead the iron golem to the ravagers and the iron golem will do the job for you!

Stop! You have to help the iron golem to fight the ravagers if you want this fighting method to be effective. If you don’t help the iron golem fight it, it will hurt the golem very badly. Make good use of your shield when fighting it!


It deals a larger damage than pillagers. But thank goodness, it is melee attack instead of the ranged one the pillagers do. To exploit this weakness, it’s time to use our friend arrows again.

Method 1

Shoot ’em! 3 fully-charged shoots (by bow) are enough to kill a vindicator.

Method 2 (Not recommended)

If you don’t want to use arrows to fight them, or you run out of arrows, then use this method:

It is simple, just melee attack them. And hope they don’t kill you. You can kill a vindicator with 4 and 3 hits with an unenchanted diamond and netherite sword respectively.

Bear in mind, never hold up your shield when fighting vindicators. Their attack can disable your shield, making your shield useless when fighting them.

Without shields, you will be more vulnerable to them, so good luck!


Evokers deal magic damage instead of the normal (melee/ranged) one. Like witch, the best way to fight them, in my opinion, is shooting them.

Before telling you my way to fight them, I want to fill you in some information about them. They can cast 3 spells, namely:

Evoker Fangs (!)

The evoker will summon “fangs”, when a player/mob is being hit by one of the “fangs”, it will deal 6 (4/6/9 Bedrock) damage to the player/mob.

Before the evoker casts this spell, it will emit dark purple particles.

The “fangs” that are summoned can be:

  1. Line – 16
  2. Inside circle – 8
  3. Outside circle – 5

Fangs are not the most terrible spells casted by the evokers! See below.

Summoning vexes (! x 1000)

The evoker will summon 3 vexes. As you know, vexes are very, very strong. They can fly and they deal a huge damage.

Before the evoker casts this spell, it will emit white particles.

Changing Sheep color spell

Well, when the evoker is not engaging in combat, it will change the colour of a sheep.

Before the evoker casts this spell, it will emit orange particles.

I am not going to describe this spell in detail, because this spell looks kinda useless, lol.

Fighting evokers

The Only Method 1 (Must use this method, NONO)

The best way to kill evokers, of course, are arrows.

Shoot them in a safe distance, I mean approximately 12 blocks away from them. Then, they can’t cast spell and hurt you. They may flee when you shoot them, so a good aim is totally required here!

You can melee attack any other illager mobs, nevermind. But the only way to avoid the evokers to summon that vexes is to shoot them until they are dead.

Maybe you have some better way to kill them without arrows and I don’t know it. If you know any secret way to fight evokers, kindly can you leave a comment below and describe your fighting strategies?

If the evoker spawns vexes…

Well, it is unlikely, because the chance an evoker casts the vex summoning spell is relatively low.

But if it really happens, how to counter this annoyance?

Run away! Hiding is useless, vexes can cross walls and attack you. They will get killed amd eventually disappear after a few minutes.

Or… if you don’t want to run, you cam still try to fight them. First, kill the evoker first, you want it to spam fangs or spawn anymore vexes, aren’t you? Then, kill the vexes one by one.


They can only be spawned by commands, so how can I come to fight them?

Last update: 9/11/2020

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