Game Review: Diamond Hunt

Hello! This is the first game review I have done here, and the game I am going to discuss now is: Diamond Hunt!

[Note: There are multiple version of Diamond Hunt, I will write review on the most updated version, Diamond Hunt 3.]

What is Diamond Hunt?

Hmm, it is a game made by somebody called smitty, that’s all I know. It is kind of like an increment game/strategy RNG (Random Number Generator) game.

Goal of the game

There’s no fixed goal. Some say reaching level 900 (All skills reach level 100) is the goal, some think completing the collection of faradox crystals is the goal. It is truly up to you!

Game Mechanics

You have to earn experiences to level up your “skills”, You can earn experiences by doing tasks, like fighting monsters, cutting up trees and harvesting etc.

You have to try your best to balance each skills and level them up as fast as possible.

My opinion on Diamond Hunt?


  • [My opinion] It is a completely stress-free game, it gives me no stress when I am playing it!
  • Play it to kill time!
  • There is a chat room in the game, you can talk with other players there.


  • It is an extremely slow-paced game
  • If you go offline more than 8 (12 if you buy buffs) hours, you will start to receive no new resources, you have to log in the game constantly!
  • It is kind of boring, remember, this is not an action or RPG game!
  • Luck always lord over strategy in Diamond Hunt. If you are unlucky, sorry!

In conclusion, I admit this is not the best (or good) game in the Internet. 😃 I don’t know why I am still playing it, maybe I have too much spare time to waste? Look at my game stat!

I will write more game reviews when I have more time! I promise!

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