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[This Inferno Map event has already ended]

A new event map has recently released in! It is called “Inferno” where fire and lava dominate! I am going to share some tips here to help you to survive and win the “chicken dinner glory”.

Comment on flamethrower

I hate flamethrower a lot personally, but why?

It has a terrible shooting range. Flamethrower is only useful in short-distance fights. Enemies can easily dodge the attack by running away from me.

Flamethrower wastes a lot of ammo, too. 60 9mm ammo will go away within seconds!

It is also useless on player with the Phoenix perk.

While I hate flamethrower a lot, it has some advantages. It is an extremely good gun to use when the enemy is very near you. You don’t need to have a good aim to deal a large amount of damage on your enemy!

Phoenix, is it a good perk?

Yes and no. You lost health when you are not in lava. You need constant healing to top up your health.

It is not possible for you to stay in the lava all the time – You have to get out and fight other players.

While having a Phoenix perk can protect you from nitro lace and flamethrower, but certainly people will refrain from using this kind of weapon when they see you wear a Phoenix costume.

I recommend you to use the Phoneix perk when there are only a few players left, then you will have no limitation on what area (lava, land) you can access, you can also protect yourself from burning effects inflicted by others too.

Pyro, the best perk! (Better than nothing :))

Of course, it is the best perk in Inferno mode, it is completely useless when you are not using flamethrowers or nitro lace. But the best thing is you won’t get hurt or lose anything when you are not making use on it.

Safe Place for Phoneix

If you equip yourself with the Phoneix perk and you have low health, I advice you to go hidden to the “lava island”. It saves me for a few times!

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