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My way to deal with monsters (1) – Overworld

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I am going to share my ways to deal with hostile mobs in Minecraft! Maybe you will have different ways to deal with them, I hope you will appreciate it!

Overworld mobs


Hah! This is the easiest mob in the overworld. Noobs can manage to kill it too.

My way to kill zombies is very simple, repeatedly to use sword/axe to hit them, easy peasy.

They can’t touch you, they are too slow.


Skeletons are a little bit annoying, let me show you the way I fight them:

1-3 skeleton(s):

  1. Hold up your shield, make sure you are directly facing the skeleton(s)
  2. When it/they shoot(s) you, your shield will deflect the arrow and there is a great chance it will hit the skeleton.
  3. It depends: (Do this for no more than 0.5 second)
    1. Far away from the skeleton(s): Hold down your shield and sprint to the skeleton(s)
    2. You are close to the skeleton(s): Hit it with a sword/axe
  4. Repeat Step 1-3 till all the skeletons are dead

The procedures seem to be kind of complicated, I will make a video about this when I have time.

>4 skeletons:

  1. Run!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Run till they can’t find you, hopefully

If you can’t get away from them successfully, I will recommend you to burn them! (Will be discussed in Post 3)


Spider is quite easy to fight in easy and normal mode, that’s the cause that they have a relatively low health among other mobs.

My way to fight it is nearly the same as the wag I fight zombies, but sometimes I may have fun on them and deal critical attack (it kills them faster) on them.


Creeper is not really that annoying compared to skeleton and enderman, but it still requires me some skills, too.

Melee Method (If there are only a few creepers)

I think most of you use the same method as mine, do you?

  1. Sprint to the creeper
  2. Hit it once (highly recommended to use swords)
  3. Walk backwards immediately
  4. Repeat Step 1-3 till it’s dead

There is a huge drawback which the creeper will have a tendency to explode. Its explosion power is also quite huge, too.

Ranged Method

It is easy, shot them repeatedly in a safe distance till they are all dead.

But it will waste you some arrows.

You can also burn them if you are too scared, but it will make them explode!


It is the hardest mob in the Overworld. When you see one, you are in deep trouble.

They can teleport! They are also immune to arrows (not arrows with flame enchantment, but how can I get these kind of special arrows??)

Oh, this is nuts! Thank goodness they have a weakness, they will hurt when they touch water.

My method to kill enderman is simple: Exploit its weakness!

If there is a water source nearby:

  1. Run to the water source as fast as possible
  2. The enderman will still try to attack you, but it will hurt itself when it is in water, look around to locate it and prepare your best sword.
  3. Hit it when it comes!
  4. They will teleport when you hit it, repeat step 2-3 till it’s dead.

If there is NO water source nearby:

Preparation for this: A bucket with water

  1. Follow the image below:
    1. Place the water on a flat ground
    2. Dig a 1x1x1 hole, make sure you are digging the centre of the water source
    3. “Immerse” yourself into the water hole

If I forget to bring a water bucket and there is no water source nearby:

I will just dig a tunnel and escape, it isn’t worth to risk it./ Instantly build a shelter which is two blocks tall, it can’t come in.

What about enderman in Nether? I actually don’t know what to do, so I ask here: https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/377492/whats-the-best-way-to-fight-enderman-in-nether, please help answering it!


Witch is tricky, they can throw potions and drink it too.

It doesn’t matter me, I just shoot them in a safe distance. Yes, it can heal themselves, so I try hard to shot it before it can drink the Potion of Healing.

Other “Rare” Overworld Monsters:

Sorry I am not going to mention these monsters here, they are quite rare that you have to intentionally go to the monster’s nest (like cave spider in mineshaft) or fulfill some “requirement” (like not sleeping) to make them hostile towards you.

I will come back to the Nether mobs next time, make sure to check it out!

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