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Free Minecraft Alternatives

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There are many gamers around the world waste their lifetime to pursue their dream – to get Minecraft for free. Some claims to be able to modify the Minecraft core code, some makes some illegal spin-offs and have fun themselves. Some copies the idea and the graphics of Minecraft and rewrite the whole thing.

Instead of wasting time to figure out a way to get the real Minecraft, why don’t gamers try some Minecraft alternatives?

0. Minecraft Demo Mode

I don’t think it counts as Minecraft alternatives, but it doesn’t hurt to talk about it.

You can download Minecraft when you sign up a free account, but you can only play for 100 minutes, equivalent to 5 game days. (90 minutes for bedrock edition)



I have researched a few Minecraft alt for you cheap guys, check it out:

1. Minecraft Classic (Device with keyboard only)

To celebrate Minecraft’s 10th birthday, Mojang decided to release the very, very, very first version of Minecraft to the public for FREE. You can access the game by your browser.

This is a great chance for “free” players to try Minecraft, but there is no denying that the features in this version are VERY LIMITED!

You are locked to play a “survival + creative” mode. There are no mobs roaming around. You don’t have a hunger bar and a health bar. You can only walk and can’t fly. You can only build and dig in this Minecraft version.

The block selection is also quite limited. Just stick around with the cobblestone and wood planks.

So do you satisfy with this? Two things better than playing Minecraft demo mode is, you can invite up to 9 friends to play with you.

And you can play as long as you want.



2. Paper Minecraft – Scratch (Computer only)

The more updated version!

Well, this is not official Mojang product. But don’t be scared! Scratch programs will never modify your computer’s file, your computer will never be infected.

And playing this is legal too! Check below:

A scratch program is non-commerical and fulfills the requirement of copyright

It is made by griffpatch, a Scratch programmer. This “Minecraft” is 2-dimensional, unlike the real Minecraft.

This is way better than Minecraft Classic, you have got to fight monsters, explore villages, and build redstone circuits.

Yes, you can play this on mobile and also tablets, but it will be very inconvenient and it may crash your devices.

You can find more details about this Scratch Game here.



Nevermind if you don’t have a keyboard or a computer, there are legal Minecraft alternatives for mobile phones and iPads.

3. Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth is a spin-off of the original Minecraft, it utilises a similar building/fighting/digging mechanics as the real one, but it uses augmented reality (AR).

Another thing to note is Minecraft Earth kind of likes the game Pokemon Go, which also uses augmented reality technologies.

If you are a Minecraft and also a Pokemon Go lover, I strongly recommend you to try out the game.



Maybe you will be put off from playing it because of the low rating (3.5), but it doesn’t harm to try it out, isn’t it?

[Note: Because of the coronavirus outbreak, you should stay at home as much as possible to prevent the coronavirus spreading between your community. It goes to playing AR games too.]

This is what I find on the Internet, do you know any more Minecraft Alternatives (A good one, legal and also virus-free!)? Comment below!

Last Updated: 26/1/2021 – I write a new introduction, hope it can bring more engagement, lol.

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