5 Things you don’t know about Minecraft Explosives

This post is dedicated to all explosives enthusiasts, both in real life and virtual life.

Explosives play a very important role in Minecraft, it can be used to kill mobs, build traps, or even save you too. But do you know anything about Minecraft explosives? Don’t think you are a veteran in explosives, look down now……

Now, let’s get started!

1. Bed explosion is stronger than TNT

I assume you know what will happen if you try to use a bed in Nether and The End! The explosion power of bed (Power 5) is higher than the explosion power of a TNT (Power 4), wearing an armor won’t protect you much. 🙃

2. Bedrock and obsidian can be blasted

These two blocks are blocks that can not be destroyed by TNTs and any other means of explosion that exists in survival mode. But actually, these blocks can be destroyed by using a few commands.

Bedrock and obsidian don’t have an infinity amount of blast resistance (about 36,000,000 and 1,200, it is quite impressive). You may try this command:

/summon Fireball ~ ~1 ~ {ExplosionPower:2147483647}

This will summon a fireball with a maximum explosion power. Running this command can certainly break bedrocks and obsidian.

Horrible note: I doubt if a supercomputer can handle this, because it will affect up to a few hundred million blocks, (it may destroy the whole world too) which will certainly crush your computer. You may want to try this if you want to trash your computer’s CPU. 😅

3. Explosion can destroy water and lava

Even water and lava are “liquid” in Minecraft, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be blasted by TNTs.

Water and lava both have a blast resistance of 100, math tells us that 25 TNTs are enough to blast a “block” of water.

Extra Question: Why igniting TNTs in seas and rivers won’t destroy the water in it?

How can you concentrate 25 TNTs in the same point, and make them all ignite in the same time?

You will find that it is impossible to do this. This is also the reason why blocks won’t be damaged when you ignited TNT in water.

4. You can “light” TNT without making it explodes

This looks impossible, but check this out:

NO!!! I don’t photoshop it! Why does the TNT is not ignited?

This is actually very easy to achieve. Touch the TNT using a filnt and steel, sneak when you are doing this, then you will get the same effect as shown as the image!

5. Explosion can deflect arrows

Sound likes a useless fact, but it can be used to make “fireworks” and “traps”!

Minecraft explosion will affect everything except air, so it means it will affect arrows too.

Shoot a few arrows to the TNT’s surface, then ignite it. The arrows will spread out like fireworks and land on somewhere!

Shoot an arrow beside an ender crystal, then explodes the ender crystal, the arrow will be deflected into somewhere else!

Quick ending: I admit some facts above are actually quite pointless and useless. Anyone can think about any useful facts about Minecraft explosion? Comment below!

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  1. Hey Max, Minecraft is really a crazy game and quite popular. My kids really love it. You are guiding all Minecraft fans.

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