Cheese Rolling

Crazy Event: Cheese Rolling Race

Imagine a big, delicious cheese rolling down a steep hill, and people chasing it… It seems crazy, is it?

Welcome to the annual Cheese Rolling Race! The official name of this crazy competition is Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake. This competition takes place in Cooper’s Hill, Gloucestershire every year in March. This crazy race also attracts thousands of people to spectate and join the cheese-rolling race!

To win this cheese-rolling race, contestants need to run and chase the cheese. If any contestant gets the cheese, he/she will be the winner and win a Double Gloucester Cheese. The race is divided into men’s and women’s race, uphill’s and downhill’s race. There are children’s race, too!

Believe it or not, this race is a tradition for many years. The race represents the New Year after winter ends in Gloucestershire. The ancient cheese-rolling is available for only locals, but in nowadays people from other countries join the race too!

Cooper’s Hill is a very steep hill with a nearly 1:2 gradient. Imagine a big cheese in high speed rolling around, it makes cheese rolling a very dangerous to contestants and even spectators. Contestants often get their ankle sprained or break their bones. If you want to try cheese rolling, you need to be brave and careful. If you are looking for something fun, try cheese rolling!!!

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