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Not a fan of the ??? zone? Neither am I. Check this out:

When I am a nOoB…

So, I have written a guide on how to survive the ??? zone…

First, Don’t underestimate the ??? Zone

Don’t be that foolish and try to nerf the ??? zone when you are only Level 10! You will be instantly killed by hornets if you do this. Have at least Level 30+ if you want to go for it.

If you reach Level 45…

Then the only place you can stay in is the ??? zone, so how to survive it without being killed by hornets.

See a Hornet? Kill on sight!

If you triggered a hornet to attack you, KILL ON SIGHT! Also remember you only do this if you have sufficient health and there are only a few hornets chasing you. If you don’t kill them fast and then you flee, you will only trigger more hornets from chasing you get into even bigger trouble!

Petals for attacking Hornets

The best petals for attacking hornets:

Petals for Defending against Hornets

Attacking Tips

“Circle” around the hornets if you don’t want to lose much health. then find the right time to kill them. It is a very effective strategy to kill hornets painlessly and I use this method in the game!

Defending Tips/Fleeing Tips

When you do not have sufficient health or there are too many hornets chasing you, FLEE! Keep moving when they are attacking you. DON’T STOP MOVING! It keeps you away from these “missiles”!

More Tips and Strategies…

Don’t Get GREEDY!

Don’t rush into a hornet hell because of some rare petals! I have experience on that and I was killed instantly. DON’T DO THAT! (If it is a square then go for it:) )

Don’t “corner” yourself!

Don’t go to the edges and corners of the map when you are chased by mobs. These corners and edges will block you from fleeing away and you will… die.

Include at least one rose/leaf in your petal slot

It is for regular healing for your flower and you can see that nearly all players will do that.

Also include some Roses/Leafs in your inventory

Spare some inventory slots for Roses and Leafs. When other players or mobs hurt you then you can use them for faster healing.

Be careful when you are “saving” other players

Why I tell you this is because: When you are trying to save a player, and the mobs have successfully killed the player you have been trying to save. Then, the mobs will turn to… you.

Toliet Break?

Playing for hours and finally get to Level 60? If you don’t want your hard work to be abandoned by toilets, you may attempt some of the builds below: (not tested by me)

If you get to Level 60 AND be the first in the leaderboard…

There are something that I really come across (nearly kill me too), and it is really horrifying, it is:

The Level 60 Curse!!!!!!

How horrible it is?

  1. All neutral mobs (like worker ants and dark ladybugs) will turn aggressive towards the player that has the curse
  2. All agressive mobs (like hornets) will have twice the agressive range towards the player that has the curse

It is very unfair, but who dare to complain?

As the name implies, the level 60 curse only targets player that is:

  1. Higher than level 60
  2. At the top of the leaderboard

After both criteria are fulfilled, you will get the Level 60 Curse, lol.


There is no denying that the ??? zone is like hell. (some call it hornet hell) And the level 60 curse makes it even more hell-y too. I can tell you that the ??? zone is even harder than now when I first started to play (The zone only consists of hornets/rocks) The developers have made many adjustments on the ??? zone to make it easier. (Check the changelog) Well, try your best to survive it!

Also check out this guide:

14/10/2020 – Correct grammatical mistake

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