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Eat For Your Future – Impossible Food

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Do you hate vegetables? 

What about a change? Would you like meat made by vegetables? Do you think it is possible to produce meat made by plants?

It is possible! There is a company called Impossible Food which can make vegetable meat. The vegetable meat is as tasty as regular meat, and it will not make you fatter too!

Although I am not a vegetarian and I am curious about it. My family and I decided to try it! We ordered spaghetti with vegetable meatballs (Impossible Food). When I taste the meatball, I find it is delicious. Why don’t you go and find a restaurant that provides vegetable meatballs?

So why the title of this post is “Eat For Your Future”? Eating vegetable meat can protect the environment too! You can save 96% land, 87% water and 89% Greenhouse Gas (You properly learn from science lesson) by eating vegetable meats made by Impossible Food.

Fewer Greenhouse emission, Lesser water usage and fewer land usage can promote sustainable development. That means eating vegetable meat can save your future generation!

Vegetable Meat is healthy for you too! It consists of fewer calories and fat which is suitable for fat people and vegetarians. There is no denying that vegetable meat is more expensive than original meat. Still, it is good for your health and it can save the environment!

Impossible Food also produces burgers starting from 2016 and becoming popular in 2018. An impossible Burger costs about USD 9 and it is more expensive than original meat burger, do you want to try one?


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