Grammarly Review – The Ultimate Grammar Checker

Do you want your writing to be error-free?

Try Grammarly! It helps to correct your writing’s grammar and punctuation mistakes, and I used it for my blog too! Let’s check my review on Grammarly.

My Review on Grammarly

I love using Grammarly as it corrects my blog post’s and my homework mistakes and I was laughed by my readers. So, I had been trying to find a grammar checker for my blog and I eventually find some of the grammar-checking websites.

Those websites are not bad. But I need to copy-and-paste the content to the sites that check grammar and it is very inconvenient, and it sometimes overlooks some major mistakes too. Then I discovered Grammarly.

Grammarly catches mistakes professionally. It also tells me why it is wrong. It is very convenient, too. Grammarly includes browser extension and mobile apps so I can edit my blog post everywhere professionally.

Grammarly helps my homework too. I often messed up the plurals and prepositions when I am writing composition. As a result, I got low marks for my composition. Then, I started using Grammarly to correct my composition’s mistake. It is inconvenient as I need to write the whole thing on the Grammarly Editor, but it’s better than nothing!

Grammarly offers a free plan and a premium plan, which premium plan offers a plagiarism checker and further grammar checks. However, Grammarly’s Premium Plan is expensive, about 12 USD dollars per month. I will recommend Grammarly Premium if you need a grammar checker for work or writing formal emails. (Like writing to your boss or teachers) After all, Grammarly’s Free Plan is already enough if you use it for school or writing blogs.

At last, I recommend you to use Grammarly, it is very useful and you will need it if you don’t want to be laughed by others like me because of your writing’s bad grammar!

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