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Latest Update: 11/11/2020 – Added 4 new petals

You may have heard about diep.io and agar.io, but what about the brand new game florr.io which consists of beautiful flowers? Here I am going to write a guide for this .io game! In this post, I am not going to cover any strategy on how to defeat other players or mobs, how to defend yourself, etc. A massive sorry! (You can check here for ??? Zone strategy) But I will tell you the gameplay and the mechanics of the game, which is quite useful for newbies and pros. Also, I am going to update this post every day because the game is still in active development. Now let’s begin…

What is Florr.io?

Florr.io is a brand new .io game in 2020 which is still in active development. The game is another masterpiece by the makers of agar.io and diep.io. The game features a flower which requires you to collect “petals” to fight “mobs” and other players and prevent other mobs and players to kill you.

Florr.io Guide

Basic Gameplay

Let’s check the developer’s simple guide for moving:

  • Mouse to move
  • Left click to expand petals
  • Right click to retract petals

Left-click your mouse to attack, right click your mouse to defend. Just like the game slither.io, your “flower” will move and follow your mouse.

If you have enabled keyboard movement, it is:

  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • SPACE to attack (expand petals)
  • SHIFT to defend (retract petals)

There are little petals which move around you. You can use them to fight and defend against other players and mobs.


You will gain experience when you break “rocks” and kill mobs. You will level up when you reach a certain amount of experience.

Here is the experience you get when you break or kill something:

  • Ladybug: 3
  • Massive Ladybug: 50
  • Ladybug (Yellow): ?
  • Ladybug (Dark Red): ?
  • Bee: 3
  • Small rock: 1
  • Medium-sized rock: 1
  • Cactus – 3
  • Big rock: 10
  • Beetle: 5
  • Massive Beetles: 50
  • Hornet: 5
  • Spider: 5
  • One part of Centipede/Mega Centipede – 3
  • Purple Centipede – 3
  • ALL Ants: 1-2
  • Ant Hole: 0

Map Difficulty

The Map Difficulty increases from Easy, Medium, Hard, and ???. The ??? Difficulty is a daunting level which you will be surrounded by a huge amount of beetles and hornets trying to kill you. The colour of the map also changes by the Map Difficulty.

When you reach a certain level, you will not be able to attack in a certain difficulty. There will be a certain time of cooldown time (about 30 seconds?) that you can still attack. Here is the list:

  • Level 1 to Level 14 – None
  • Level 15 to Level 29 – Not be able to attack in Easy
  • Level 30 to Level 44 – Not be able to attack in Easy and Medium
  • Level 45+ – Not be able to attack in Easy and Medium and Hard, Oops!


You have 5 basic petals when you start the game as a Level 1 Flower. You will get more advanced petals by killing mobs or breaking rocks. Every petal needs to be recharged when it breaks or used by your flower (Rose). All common petals (except Basic) are dropped by all mobs and rocks.

Petals Lists and their Functions


  • Basic
  • Fast – It deals smaller damage than Basic petals, but it recharges faster than Basic petals.
  • Heavy – It deals bigger damage and higher durability than Basic petals, but it recharges slower than Basic petals.


  • Rose – Dropped by Ladybugs. It heals your flower but it deals only small damage to other player and mobs.
  • Leaf – Dropped by ants and centipede. It heals you constantly.
  • Stinger – Dropped by Hornets or Bees. It is very fragile, it deals very big damage to other player and mobs.
  • Iris – Dropped by beetles and rarely ants. It poisons other players and mobs and slowly drains their health.
  • Twin – Dropped by Insects Mobs. It is simply two fast petals in one slot, each has separate health.


  • Rock – Dropped by big rocks. It is extremely durable and it deals huge damage.
  • Wing – Dropped by Ladybugs and Hornets and rarely ants. Take small damage but instantly recharge.
  • Missile – Dropped by Cactus and Hornets. It allows players to shoot a stinger to a direction that was pointed upon.
  • Peas – Dropped by Centipede. It works like missiles… It takes fewer damage than missiles. It shoots 4 little peas every time it recharges.
  • Faster – It deals very small damage but it increases the speed your petal spins.
  • Bubbles – Dropped by mainly Insect Mobs. Right Click and it will propel your flower!
  • Rose (Rare) – Dropped by Ladybugs. Come in a group of three, it heals like Rose (Unusual).
  • Dandelion – It will stop player from healing for 10 seconds… You can “shoot” it like Missile.
  • Web – It shoots out “webs” that will slow down mob’s player’s movement.
  • Honey – It is sticky and slows petals movement
  • Salt – It reflects damage dealt by other players


  • Peas (Epic) – Dropped by Purple Centipede. It has a combined effect of Peas and Poison.
  • Rose (Epic) – Dropped by Massive Ladybug. It has a stronger healing effect than the Rose (unusual).
  • Triplet – Dropped by Insect Mobs. Basically, it is three fast petals. Work like the twin or fast petals.
  • Pollen – Dropped by killing players. There is a 1% chance a player dropped it if they have a rare petal in their inventory. It comes with a group of 3 and work likes landmine. Deal a small damage when players rammed into them.
  • Cactus (Epic) – Dropped by Cactus. It has the combined effect of increasing the maximum health and poison other players.
  • Egg – Dropped by Queen Ants and Ant Hole – It will spawn “pet” Soldier Ants that will attack other players and follow you!
  • Yin Yang – Dropped by ants. It makes your petals spin counter-clockwise, what is the use of this petal? Two of them will be interesting
  • Heaviest – Dropped by Boulders. It has a very high durability and also a very high recharge time.
  • Rice – It respawns instantly everytime you use it, but deals a small damage.
  • Corn – It has an extremely high recharge time — even higher than Heaviest. It deals a considerable damage and has the highest durability among all petals


  • Egg (Legendary) – It will spawn “pet” Beetles that will attack other players and mobs and follow you!
  • Stinger (Legendary) – It is basically 3 stingers in one slot
  • Antennae – It makes you zoom out and cannot be stacked
  • Web (Legendary) – It is basically 3 webs in one slot
  • Cactus (Legendary) – It is 3 cactus in one slot


  • Basic (Unique) – Has the same stats as the Basic (common), it can’t be droped by any mobs. It can only be obtained by spawning.
  • Square – It works just like a basic petal… Has the shape of the diep.io square. Get one and you are lucky. Dropped by Square Mob.

Petals Damage rate/Health/Recharge time

Florr.io Petals Damage/Countdown/Health/Trash EXP List
From Florr.io Wiki, I am one of the contributors of it! 🙂

Petals Drop Rate

The drop rate for basic petals is zero, which will not drop at any conditions. The drop rate for fast petals is the highest among the petals. The drop rate for common petals is the highest. More difficult mobs will drop rarer petals. Formerly all rocks only drop nothing or common petals.

Also, you can find the drop rate of each mob by clicking the “Mob” button in florr.io homepage, investigate yourself 🙂

Petals Slot

You have 5 petal slots when you start the game as a Level 1 Flower. An additional petal slot will be unlocked when you level up. For example, when you level up to Level 15 Flower, you will have 6 petal slots and so on.

  • Level 1 to Level 14 – 5 petal slots
  • Level 15 to Level 29 – 6 petal slots
  • Level 30 to Level 44 – 7 petal slots
  • Level 45+ – 8 petal slots

Petal Inventory

It is where you store your extra petals. You can store up to 8 petals. If you want to delete your petals, drag the petal you want to throw away to the red box. You can also do that by keyboard shortcut. Deleting a petal gives you experience.

Deleting Petals

Deleting different types of petals give you the following amount of experience:

  • Common – 2, except Basic which gives 0
  • Unusual – 10
  • Rare – 50
  • Epic – 200
  • Legendary – 1000
  • Unique – 2500? (Comment below if you know)

Petal Inventory Shortcut

Use Q, E, and numeric keys to quickly swap petals without using the mouse. Move the selection using ‘Q’ (left) and ‘E’ (right). Delete a petal by selecting the petal you want to delete and click ‘T’ with your mouse.


In florr.io, there are ??? types of mobs and 2 types of resources. Some of them are passive mobs which do not attack you by itself. Some of them are hostile that will attack you. Mobs will move randomly by itself when there is no player around. Here is the list of mobs and their function:

Mob/Resource Lists


Baby Ant

They are passive mobs and give only 1 experience. They have extremely low health and do not attack players at all. Spawn at any difficulty.


They are passive mobs, which will not attack you at all. If you crush on them they will deal you small damage.


Have a random size and have random health. Deal little damage when rammed. They will not move and do anything whatever you crush on them or attack them. Spawn in Easy Difficulty.

Worker Ant

They attack by crushing into players. Deal a small damage when crushed. Spawn from ant holes and in any Difficulty. Give 2 experiences.

Workers Ants looked the same as Baby Ants, just a little bigger than Baby Ants.



They are passive mobs, they are very long and slow. When you destroy one of their body parts there are chances to get the special petal peas. It comes with size from 10 to 50 body parts, where centipedes with 30 and more parts are also called the massive centipede. Spawn in any Difficulty and more in ??? Difficulty, which is very useful for defending against hornets.


They will follow you and attacks you with their grabs. Spawns on Medium, Hard, ??? Difficulty.


It attacks you by shooting stinger, it only spawns on Hard and ??? Difficulty and it fully populates the ??? Difficulty. And everyone hate it.

Related: How to fight florr.io hornets? Surviving the ??? Zone


Random in size and random in health. Deal random damage when you crush on them. They will not move and do anything whatever you crush on them or attack them. Spawn only on Medium Difficulty.

Soldier Ants

They have wings and attack by “flying” into players. Deal some damage when crushed. Spawn from ant holes and in Medium, Hard, ??? Difficulty. Give 2 experiences.


It is bigger than rocks and you can get 10 experiences from them. Spawn on Hard and ??? Difficulty.

Ladybug (Yellow)

It drops many useful goodies and yellow in color. It spawns on Medium Difficulty (Not confirmed), and it chases players when attacked.

Ladybug (Dark Red)

It chases players when attacked only spawns on ??? Difficulty. (But it may wander to the Hard Difficulty)


It chases players and deals a medium damage. Spawn on Hard, ??? Difficulty.


Evil Centipede

Size is similar than normal Centipede, but it is purple and chase players. Drop precious Poison Peas (Peas (Epic)) Spawn on Medium, Hard, ??? Difficulty. If you see a massive evil centipede then you are very lucky.

Massive Beetles

They are bigger and have more health than normal beetles. Spawn on Medium, Hard, ??? Difficulty.

Queen Ants

They looked the same as Soldier Ants but bigger than them. They do not spawn normally and only spawn when the ant hole is in low health. Give ??? experiences.

Ant Hole

Give out ants when attacked. No experience is given when you destroyed one! (Little Reminder: Don’t attack an ant hole. Or you will be sorry.) Spawn on Medium, Hard, ??? Difficulty.


Massive Ladybug

5 times Bigger than normal Ladybugs and have incredible high health. (about 150) Spawn on only easy Difficulty. Drop many goodies too!


Square (Mob)

Spawn on ONLY ??? Difficulty and has a 100% chance drop the Square petal. If you find one of them then you are lucky…


Your flower will have 100 health when you are a Level 1 flower, 150 health points in Level 45 flower.

Being Killed by Player/Mob

If you are being killed by a player or mob, it will show a death screen showing which mob or player kills you, it also shows you the statistics of the score you get and the petals that you are using before you die. You also retain some of the experience and items once you die too.

Killing Players/Mobs

You can kill a player or mobs by ramming into other flowers or using petals. A player will drop up to 3 items from their slot or inventory. Mobs will drop 0-3 random item. Killing a player also gives you experience.

That’s it! If you think there are any mistakes in this guide, please mention it by commenting below.


Petal Gallery

You can find the gallery at the bottom left of the game site’s homepage, click the button “Petal” and it will reveal all the petals you have discovered from playing the game before.

Mob Gallery

You can find the gallery at the bottom left of the game’s homepage, click the button “Mob”. It will reveal the mobs that you have encountered before, also the petals drop rate of the mobs.


It will reveal the changelog of the game.


You can choose whatever you activate:

  • Movement Helper – It will show an arrow which indicates the direction you are moving to.
  • Keyboard Movement – Use your keyboard to move your petals, instead of your mouse.

Game Mode

FFA (Free-For-All)

The most original game mode in florr.io. Simply players just fight each other.

Battle Royale

It was temporarily available in two occasions that I don’t remember it. It is removed later on because the developers say it overloads the server.

For more florr.io guide, you can check here:

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36 thoughts on “Florr.io Guide”

  1. My first time ever that I WENT INTO THE ??? zone was yesterday and i got killed in 5 min by teamers and somehow i dropped 3 pollen?!?!?!

    1. Congrats on successfully reaching the ??? Zone!
      Teamers are sometimes annoying in florr, just keep your health full and try your best to dodge them.

      1. Its now easy because i have a build of all stinger (4-7) and 1 rose(prefer rare because hornets can’t kill that petal.

      2. The mobs can drop more than 3 I got a yellow ladybug to drop 4 things and my friend 5

  2. has anybody gotten the new legendary petal yet? its three cactus’ in one. if you pair it with two epic roses, two fasters, two triplets and an egg then its super good for both pvp and sirviving

  3. I have gotten 8 yin yangs b4. super OP and best way to survive in ??? zone. took me sooooooo long to farm the petals.

    if you have 8 yin yangs, it creates a special effect where all of them spin super fast as if you have 8 fasters. super cool

    GREEN FREAK is my name in florr don’t rage if I trash you 😉

    1. I think you must have wasted 10 hr to farm the petals lol!

      I am a pro in florr too u can’t kill me😉

    2. 2 yin yangsmake your petals not spin and is great with rice because you can attack a queen ant and kill it in 2-3 sec

  4. I have gotten 8 yin yangs before, SUPER OP. they starts spinning super fast clockwise around you and its one of the best ways to surviving in the ??? zone

  5. The number one best build for pvp is alternating stingers and irises. If you can fit a faster in there, then great!

      1. I would prefer bubble,web any kind an itf with 2 legendary web and lvl 45+ use them here instead,buble,rose,stiner any kind, cactus at least epic, stiner any kind, rose

  6. Bullet Hell if u r reading this for whatever reason then just fuck off noone likes u… If any of u see Bullet Hell then pls try to kill him. He stole 3 legendaries and countless epics from me when we were in a team and then back stabbed me.

      1. I hate rocks because they take too long to reload so they aren’t that good in PvP

        (just saying)

        also, there are like teams of peaple that just camp out in the ??? difficulty zone and they are just SO ANNOYING!!!

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