Minecraft Card Game

Minecraft Card Game Review

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Are you getting bored in playing Minecraft on your computer/phone/tablet? Also are you getting bored on all those building, mining, crafting and fighting?

Try Minecraft Card Game! It is very easy to play! You can do things that you do when playing Minecraft on your devices, like fighting monsters and crafting.



You had to “mine” as much as resources as possible and “craft” items to get points. Also, you had to avoid creepers and TNT. Who gets a certain amount of points first win!

You will gather ores (irons/golds/diamonds) and woods and uses it to craft items. There is a number listed on the card which is/are the point(s) that you get for the game. Crafting a specific tools can also give you a bonus. For example: an extra turn. There are also wild cards available which can be used as one of the resources listed on the card!


Minecraft Card Game Gameplay

It is fun! Buy one for your next campout or sleepover!



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