Best Top 10 Scratch Games in 2021

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Disclaimer: The list is totally my opinion!

You probably have the experience of playing a Scratch project. Which one do you like most? (Comment below) Here, I am going to share my top 10 choices, out of the ~10 million user-made Scratch games.

1. Paper Minecraft (Minecraft 2D)

Paper Minecraft by griffpatch

This “Paper Minecraft” is a 2D version of the real Minecraft. It is a very amazing project created by a big (I may describe him as HUGE!) Scratch programmer, griffpatch. Amazingly, this Scratch project resembles nearly all features of the real Minecraft, including the hunger bar, health, crafting recipes, ores, tools, keyboard and mouse control…

The game hits a staggering 36.8 million views in February 2021! It is the most viewed and played game in Scratch! The best of all, you can save the game as a chain of codes and play again in the future! The game is also a good “trial” for people who are deciding whatever to buy the real Minecraft or not.

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Of course, there are some limitation, new weapons like Trident, world types like Nether (Oh, there is a Nether map in the “Example World”) are not available in the Paper Minecraft games. You can choose between Survival, Peaceful (Equivalent to Minecraft Survival Peaceful mode), you can’t modify the difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard), play the Hardcore or Adventure mode. Actually, griffpatch can add even more features into the game, but he is not able to. because Scratch has set many limits on the amount of blocks and strings in a Scratch project.

Here is my little Paper Minecraft gaming video (Acting like a noob):

You see I am fooling with a spider 🙂

Be careful, there are many remixes of the game (Possibly people do that because they want more views to their games) and it is hard to navigate to the real one by Google Search, click the link below for the real one.

2. BattleRena

BattleRena is a two-player battle game and it hits 297 thousand views in January 2020. The players had to try to kill others and pick up the falling guns/spears/axes (axes are the most powerful!) to upgrade their weapons and regenerate the player’s health by picking up hearts. The player who reaches a ZERO health lose!

Why do I rank BattleRena as the second-best game in Scratch? I should have ranked some popular ones like the Geometry Dash by griffpatch. (~23 million views)

What I like most is: The game is so simple, and addictive! It is easy to play, you just have to use the WASD/Arrow key to move the avatar, occasionally pick up some weapons and hit the space bar to fight other players. No complicated rules or hidden infos! The game code is quite small, compare to other popular Scratch games so the game will not be laggy. Also, this is a Scratch game which you can play with others without using the Multiplayer features, which is only available to registered players.

One player dominates one side of the keyboard (The WASD side), while another dominates the other side of it (The arrow key side). Start moving your avatar and fight for glory!

In contrast to the complexity of griffpatch’s games, this game is simple and fun. So this is why I choose BattleRena as the second choice of best Scratch game!

A fellow Scratcher also created a single-player version –

It is quite easy to defeat the bot after you become experienced at the controls. But still, there are like 220 people getting defeated by it – how sad!

Check my BattleRena gaming video below!

BattleRena Single player demonstration!

There is a 3-player version too, huh???

Oh, let’s go back to one of the griffpatch’s games…

3. Scratch Town

Building houses, trees, bushes are a popular pastime in a townie game. Now you can do the same thing in Scratch! Griffpatch’s Scratch Town is a clone of the game Triple Town. You just move your mouse and try to combine trees to build bushes, combine bushes to build houses, then castles! But be careful, there will be monsters blocking your road when you are building and combining the trees and buildings, try to avoid them!

4. Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash by griffpatch

Geometry Dash is the second most popular game in Scratch! Crazily it is owned by griffpatch too. How talented he is! There are 3 maps with different difficulty and it has the same mechanics as the real Geometry Dash! The top 500 scores will be recorded (available for logged in users), try to get into the leaderboard and show your gaming talent to other Scratchers!

Have a look at my two silly attempts on playing the game:

Sadly, griffpatch’s version of Geometry Dash only has 3 levels, check this project 1) after you finish all 3 levels or 2) if you want some challenges yourself:

5. by griffpatch

This game is also created by griffpatch and it hits an amazing 1.4 million views in January 2020. The most important feature of the game IS it uses cloud variable so it supports multiplayer! It resembles nearly all the features of the real and you will find out the game is as fun as the real!

It is probable that the game will lag, especially when there are many players playing it in the same time.

Multiplayer is only available in registered “Scratchers”. So make sure to sign up a new account, fulfill the following requirements. (Navigate to “Requirement for becoming a Scratcher” section) Then you will be able to play all multiplayers games in Scratch, You can also comment more frequently and have less restriction on many features too!


This is another multiplayer game created by griffpatch and it hits 7.73 million views in January 2020. Griffpatch uses the mechanics of to build the scratch version of it!

7. Griffpatch’s Tower Defense

This Tower Defense game is another masterpiece created by griffpatch. It reaches 419 million views in January 2020. By placing weapons around the game board, the weapons will shoot the enemies and you need to prevent the enemies to reach the exit. Earn money by killing the enemies and upgrade and enhance the weapons you get. Once 20 enemies make through the exit, you lose!

You can choose between 4 game difficulty, Fun/Easy/Medium/Hard. It is a fun game and you should try it! Check out the gameplay of the game below!

Let’s look at other Scratch programmer’s projects…

8. Flappy Bird

It is a Scratch remix of the popular games Flappy Bird. The game reaches 7.57 million views in January 2020. There are also medals if you get a certain amount of points. You may hear that making Flappy Bird in Scratch is as easy as pie, but this version of flappy bird is bug-free and advanced compared to other Flappy Bird remakes. Try it out!

Sadly the real Flappy Bird is discontinued a few years ago…

9. Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing by griffpatch

This is an amazing hill climbing racing games created by griffpatch and it hits 1.5 million views in January 2020. It clones the “Hill Climb Racing” by Fingersoft. You need to avoid your car from getting upside down and avoid running out of fuels. Collect coins to earn points and try to be the #1 of the game!

10. Retro Racing

Retro Racing is a realistic car racing game created by griffpatch. It hits 216 thousand views in January 2020. It is an even more exciting version of griffpatch’s Hill Climb Racing game. Use the arrow keys to move and space to brake to control your cars, can you break griffpatch’s record?

There is a multiplayer version of the griffpatch’s retro racing game. You can see the link in the image above already, but click here for convenience:

You can see, 80% of the games in this top 10 list are made by griffpatch. The reason why I put so many of his games on this list is that his game is too amazing. Wonder how he can make such astonishing games? Check his Youtube channel for tutorials! After watching his videos, you can be an amazing Scratch programmer too!


The Scratch games I introduce here are games which are nearly bug-free. If you click the “See Inside” button, you can see a lot of complex codes which you may learn from it! This may help you sharpen your Scratch programming skills too! Don’t only be a Scratch projects player, be a Scratch programmer too. Now try to play one of these Scratch games and good luck!

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Latest Update: 3/2/2021 – A two-week-long major update on the content(3/2-17/2)! Make sure to check this page regularly!

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