Minecraft YouTubers

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There are many people who love playing Minecraft in the world! Some “Minecrafters” are also YouTubers and they share their experience on YouTube! Let’s look at my favourite:


ExplodingTNT is a very famous Minecraft which has a staggering number of subscribers. He(or it?) mainly does his video on “If you can not craft in Minecraft”, “Something VS 100,000 TNT” these kinds of videos. The videos are all hilarious, if you want to laugh this is the minecraft YouTuber for you.

Reggie the Gamer

If you want to find a Minecraft Youtuber which talks about server games, this is the YouTuber for you. I have subscribed him when he has only 800 subscribers and after 1 and a half year he gets more than 4,000! (October 2020: 6.71k)Mineplex Cake War (mainly), Xbox survival, Cubecraft Minerware are his favourite.


He is also a Minecraft Subscribers which has a staggering amount of subscribers; It is a good alternative if you have gone through all the TNT videos!

Gaming Goodies

Gaming Goodies is a Minecraft youtuber that enjoy vlogging on the new “similar to Minecraft” game Hytale (By Hypixel, ring any bells?). I subscribed him when he began vlogging on Minecraft about a year ago, which he grows into 1000 subscribers now. He talks about The Hive Treasure Wars the most. He is also a friend with Reggie the Gamer!

There will be updates on this posts every month! Last Update – 27/10/2020

Do you have any favourite Minecraft Youtubers? Comment below!

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