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Do you want to learn new English Vocabulary? Or maybe just want to have some fun? Try Google Word Coach!

Google Word Coach is a little box that may appear when you are searching English words. For example, when you search “strength” in Google Search, scroll down a little and you will find out a little box that asks you the word similar to “strength”:

This little box is called Google Word Coach! It is a little program by Google which can help you learn more English vocabulary, it is quite fun too!

How to play

First, you need to activate Google Word Coach by searching word definitions and translation or “Word Coach” in Google Search. Sadly, it only appears in non-English speaking countries and mobile browsers.

Every “round” of Google Word Coach game will contain 5 questions and you need to choose an answer between two words or images. You can also skip the question too if you don’t know the answer.



Score System

You will get 120-160 marks for every corrected answer. You will earn a generous 500 marks for every corrected answer instead of 180 marks if you see a You looked this up +500 in the upper right corner. It will appear if you have chosen the wrong answer for the same question before.

Your score will not be deducted if you get the answer wrong or you skip the question.


When you answer all 5 questions correctly, a “Level up” message will appear. The program will give you harder questions after that. Here is the score obtained in each level:

  • Level 1: 120 points
  • Level 2: 160-180 points

(Not including the “You looked it up” questions)

Currently, only 2 levels are available. Once you reach level 2, you will stick to it.

You will not be downgraded no matter how bad you performed later on.


Google Word Coach will return your result after you answer all 5 questions.

The result sheet will contain explanation on why you are correct and wrong. It

Question Types

There are 4 question types:

  1. Which word is similar to (word)?
  2. Which word is opposite to (word)?
  3. Which image best fits the word (word)?
  4. What is shown in this image?

Question Type 1 and 2 accounts for roughly 80% of the questions. Question Type 3 and 4 accounts for roughly 20% of the questions

According to my experience, “image” question is always the easiest.

Storing your results and scores

The game will not store your scores after you close the browser. (Closing the session) But for no reason, they will store your current level and your attempted question by cookies. You will have to start from the very beginning every time you repopen the game.

Can you download Google Word Coach?

No. However, the program will ask if you want to make a shortcut in your phone after you play it for a while.

Why Google make “Google Word Coach”?

  • It helps non-English speakers to expand their English vocabulary.
  • On the other hand, it also helps non-English speakers to improve their English vocabulary skills.
  • Maybe it helps on machine learning of Google AI. (Answer in Quora)

That’s it! Try to search “Google Word Coach” on Google and start playing!

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