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Learn new words – Google Word Coach

Do you want to learn new English Vocabulary? Try Google Word Coach!

Google Word Coach is a little box that may appear when you are searching English vocabulary. When you search “strength” in Google Search, scroll down a little and you will find out a little box that asks you the word similar to “strength”:

How to play

First you need to activate Google Word Coach by searching word definitions and translation or “Word Coach” in Google Search. It only appears in Non-US country and only available on mobile phones (formerly checked by me).

Every “round” of Google Word Coach game will contain 5 questions and you need to choose an answer between two words or images. You can also skip the question too.



Score System

You will get 120-160 marks for every corrected answer. You will earn a generous 500 marks for every corrected answer instead of 180 marks if you see a You looked this up +500 in the upper right corner. It will appear if you have chosen the wrong answer for this question before.


There are formerly 2 levels in Google Word Coach. You will level up if you answer all 5 questions correctly in a Level 1 round. As a result, you will see a “Level up” message if you meet the level up requirement. You will start at Level 1 in the beginning. Note Level 2 is harder than Level 1. You earn 160 points per question in Level 2 and 120 points per question in Level 1. Sometimes you can earn up to 180 points!

Question Types

There are 3 question types in Google Word Coach.

My experience is the “image” question is always the easiest.

Why Google make “Google Word Coach”?

That’s it! Try to search “Word Coach” on Google and start playing!

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