Learn new words – Google Word Coach

Do you want to learn new English Vocabulary? Try Google Word Coach!

Google Word Coach is a little box that may appear when you are searching English vocabulary. When you search “strength” in Google Search, scroll down a little and you will find out a little box that asks you the word similar to “strength”:

How to play

First you need to activate Google Word Coach by searching word definitions and translation or “Word Coach” in Google Search. It only appears in Non-US country and only available on mobile phones (formerly checked by me).

Every “round” of Google Word Coach game will contain 5 questions and you need to choose an answer between two words or images. You can also skip the question too.



Score System

You will get 120-160 marks for every corrected answer. You will earn a generous 500 marks for every corrected answer instead of 180 marks if you see a You looked this up +500 in the upper right corner. It will appear if you have chosen the wrong answer for this question before.


There are formerly 2 levels in Google Word Coach. You will level up if you answer all 5 questions correctly in a Level 1 round. As a result, you will see a “Level up” message if you meet the level up requirement. You will start at Level 1 in the beginning. Note Level 2 is harder than Level 1. You earn 160 points per question in Level 2 and 120 points per question in Level 1. Sometimes you can earn up to 180 points!

Question Types

There are 3 question types in Google Word Coach.

  • Which word is similar to (word)?
  • Which word is opposite to (word)?
  • Which image best fits the word (word)?

My experience is the “image” question is always the easiest.

Why Google make “Google Word Coach”?

  • It helps non-english speakers to expand their english vocabulary.
  • On the other hand, it also helps non-english speakers to improve their english vocabulary skills.
  • Maybe it helps on machine learning of Google AI. (Answer in Quora)

That’s it! Try to search “Word Coach” on Google and start playing!

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