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Google Search Operator Guide

Do you want to enhance your search experience on Google? Searching through Google sometimes annoys you because the search result obtained is not relevant. There is something in Google Search called “Search Operator”. It is very useful and important if you want to get a specific search results.

Try searching the fruit Apple:

You will get information about the Apple Company!

So how to prevent this?

Basic Search Operator


If you type in keep fit, it also means keep+fit. Google uses + operators to replace spacing.


Put any force Google to use an exact match. For example, if you type in keep fit”, Google only shows results that matches keep fit and it will not show result containing keep and fit.


They are logical operator. Google uses AND by default which means a search of keep fit will be treated as keep AND fit. Keep OR fit will show results either “keep” or “fit”. | can also replace OR. OR and AND must be uppercase.

Put a minus in front of the term will exclude that term from the result. Let me use the “apple” example in the beginning, apple -fruit will not show results about the fruit apple, where apple –inc will not show results about the Apple Company.

..(It is 2 dots)

For example, I need the weather information from 1990 to 2019, I can use this search operator: weather 1990..2019. It will include everything about “weather” ranging from 1990 to 2019.


Using this before a number will be auto classified as prices. You can also use “.” to combine prices.


It is used to convert different units. For example, 2 kilometres in metres will return an answer 2000 metres.


For example, will return results come from, my blog) It can be also used as search will return results containing “search” in the site


If you want to search for a specific file, you can use these operators. weather filetype:pdf will return results of pdf file which talks about weather.

Is it hard to understand? These operators are mostly used only by professionals. But using operators in Google Search can make your search result more specific, try using it and enjoy!

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