Why Minecraft Bedrock Edition is better than Java Edition

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Do you sometimes feel bad because you do not have the chance of playing Minecraft Java Edition because it is TOO EXPENSIVE? So you can only play Minecraft on your smartphone, iPad or your teeny tiny Xbox? Here, I am going to provide you with many reasons why you shouldn’t feel bad and unhappy if you don’t have the chance to play Minecraft on a computer.

Let’s get started!

1. Touch Screen/Controller controls

It is the biggest advantage you have if you play Minecraft on a phone or an iPad. You can touch the screen beside moving it and touching the screen with a keyboard and a mouse. You can also react faster because your eyes do not have to concentrate on the monitor and the keyboard. You only need to concentrate on your screen. It is a big advantage on servers and monster fighting.

As for experienced Xbox players who are experienced with the controls, you have an advantage too because you already knew all the keys on your controller – You would not have a problem with the Minecraft controls!

Maybe you still prefer a keyboard + mouse, OK. So let’s continue.

2. Cheaper

This advantage is known to everyone, so there’s no need for me to do any further explanation here. The pricing of Minecraft Java Edition is USD 26, while the ios version is only USD 6.9. It is far cheaper! Minecraft Xbox version is only USD 19, it is still relatively cheap too!

3. More advantages on multiplayer

It is hard to play Minecraft with your friends if you play Java Edition. You can play with others easily using your own mobile phone or using their Xbox. You can play with your friends through Realms, LAN, Xbox live, etc too. The best of all, it is cross-platform. You can play multiplayer on your mobile phone while your friends are playing on Xbox! You can’t do that with a computer…

4. Take more damage with a bare hand

It is hard to notice, isn’t it? You can take 2 health points damage on your enemies beside 1 health point damage on Minecraft Java. If you do not have enough time to gather resources to make tools and swords, you can still fight a zombie with your bare hand and inflict some good damage! This is very helpful in your first-day survival too!

5. Get a fish-eye on a major update

It has been known that Minecraft Java Edition always has the most updated, latest version of Minecraft among all platforms – But it is not true. The update of Village and Pillage on Minecraft Bedrock Edition is too large, so it split into four parts and an additional part. (1.8.0, 1.9.0, 1.10.0 ,1.11.0, 1.13.0) The 1.14 Minecraft Java Edition update on Village and Pillage was released on 23 April 2019. The first 3 updates (1.8.0, 1.9.0, 1.10.0) were all released before 23 April 2019. It means: Minecraft Bedrock Edition players can enjoy some goodies on Village and Pillage first! (some of them only available on experimental mode).


There are still many features that only available on Minecraft BE and not available on Java. Of course, I agree there are tons of things Minecraft Java is better or “superior” than Minecraft BE. My opinion is: It doesn’t matter you play Minecraft on mobile or computer. Enjoy it!

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